CK Grill and Bar

The Legend of the Crooked Knife

In lore nearly as old as time – the crooked knife has been a symbol of luck, love and loss, the stuff of legends. In ancient Egypt it was considered bad manners and an insult to serve a guest within your home with a knife of imperfect design. The insulted, if they so chose, could use the offending knife against the host in a rather unfriendly fashion- without fear of reprisal.

As centuries passed so too did the significance of the crooked knife. In medieval Europe, it has been said, that Knights fresh from battle would present their damaged swords to the maidens they intended to marry. These "crooked knives" were symbolic of the character of the knight in that though their body may be worn – their love was straight and true.

Through the years the legend continued into the Old West where the crooked knife was a coveted token of luck sought by many. If your knife was crooked it was an indication that you had endured numerous hardships and conquered all. If when dining you received a crooked knife at your setting – it was a sign of good fortune and a blessing of good luck as it meant that you would be victorious in life.

So sit back and enjoy, for the crooked knife may be in your future. The Crooked Knife (CK) Grill and Bar wish you good luck, love and legend in your own life. May you be victorious within each adventure you embark.

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